We are the epoxy floor and acid-staining specialists in the valley.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring:

  • Added beauty.  Floors are decorative, utilizing pigmented resin or colored quartz aggregates.
  • Oil and stain resistant.
  • Sealing of floor. Creates a seamless and impervious membrane. Dirt and bacteria cannot penetrate or settle on the floor.
  • Protects/impact resistant. Epoxy flooring is highly durable whether you apply a flexible coating or thick poured floor
  • Chemical resistant. Floors can withstand chemical attack from water, sugars, acids, solvents, and caustics.
  • Resist hot tire pickup.
  • Makes any concrete floor easy to clean. The more coats you apply the smoother the surface gets and the easier it is to remove pollutants.
  • Skid resistant. By applying quartz aggregate in different sizes you can obtain varying textures for added traction.

Let us turn your unsightly, hard-to-clean concrete floor into a bright, safe, easy-to-maintain surface.

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